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WHOA Event

A big thank you to Claire, Marcie, Gail, Mary & John, and everyone else that helped put the WHOA together invited us to come play.   It was spectacular!  Claire and neighbor Barbara let us use their land for a choice of 3 routes that totaled about 16 miles. You could pick and chose and drive at any speed and any route.  The drive meandered through natural grasses, over a runway, around corn fields and pea patches. There was even water,  a couple of hills, and hogs and birds {metal}. 
Claire and Marcie set up several obstacles, such as water hazard over a blue tarp, car wash hangings, pool noodles, waving, and other stuff to go through. There was a cones course with lines, cat paws, snakes and spiders drawn on the ground.  There were poles to side pass {for the riders} poles in lines of shoots, to navigate, the most fun, was the all things plastic pit.  It was about a 30 x 20 site filled with empty plastic containers that you would ride or drive through.  It made a huge racket, but for some reason wasn't particularly scary to the equines.
There were minis, ponies, donkeys, mules and horses, we had singles, pairs and three abreast.   John Milligan was seen initiating at least 2 people to driving.  Both fast learners!  The weather was perfect, we drove for 2-3 hours and then had a catered lunch and home made deserts. I think the furthest distance travel was by Larry and Tracy, from west of Austin.   Good group of folks, all saying it was the best drive ever, or as was heard  "A good time was had by all".
A huge thank you to the perfectly run fun day.  Marcie and Claire and whoever else showed up worked on this day for months and it was great. Thanks to all that helped and drove. 
If anyone has pictures, please send to address above and I will post. Words don't do justice to the day.
Thanks again!
Terry Arnold



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